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EOS - Webinar - Big 3D Metal Printing

Summary Never before in the history of manufacturing has the development of commercial space hardware been so accessible. The challenges of fast development and innovation have lessened because of industrial metal 3D printing (additive manufacturing, or AM). Whether propulsion, structural, or integrated componentry, AM is accelerating the latest space race. Now, AM is moving quickly to meet even greater requirements—such as fully 3D printed combustion chambers with high-performance features, lighter weight structural components, or even fully 3D printed satellites. The latest advancement? Fully printed 3D components up to one (1) meter tall. Join AMCM and EOS North America for a glimpse into what is now possible with metal 3D printing, and how ideas are more quickly moving off the whiteboard and into reality. In this webinar, you will learn: Why metal 3D printing has become more commonplace and accessible How highly engineered, customized AM technology is advancing—like printing 1k mm applications What is DMLS and why it is considered the industry benchmark for metal AM What materials can be leveraged
Event: EOS - Webinar - Big 3D Metal Printing
Start Date: 1/1/2021
End Date: 1/1/2025
Location: Virtual

There currently are no details for this event. Please check back soon for updates.

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