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EOS - Webinar - Digital Value Chain

Overview In the past, manufacturing was a game of trade-offs among speed, cost, and functionality. Each phase of product development, from design to manufacturing to distribution, had to make compromises so that the product could meet cost, quality, and time-to-market targets. Historically, engineers were only allowed to follow through on these types of optimizations in low-volume, high-value applications such as performance automotive or aerospace R&D. Today, additive manufacturing (AM) has removed manufacturability constraints, changing the way manufacturers think about product lifecycle and ultimately bringing these better, more effective parts to market. Taking the entire product lifecycle into account is critical when evaluating AM for a specific manufacturing application. But while AM is a powerful method of production, to fully leverage its capabilities you have to think beyond the machine itself. You have to think digitally. Join this EOS webinar and discover the benefits of implementing a digital strategy and approach for production, from early design work to end-of-life product decommissioning. Topics include: Digital Manufacturing - leveraging the flexibility of AM to reproduce products by anyone, anywhere Digital Thread - the foundation of all the ways digital manufacturing technology can support a product Digital Twin - shortening supply chains and reducing costs for low volume production and spare parts Digital Inventory - eliminating costly warehousing and inventory with on-demand 3D printing Digital Value Chain Enabled by AM - looking beyond the four walls of your manufacturing department Key Takeaways Learn what digital thread, digital twin and digital inventory are, and why they are important in digital manufacturing Discover how AM creates new opportunities for innovation in a product's lifecycle Ask questions of our expert presenter
Event: EOS - Webinar - Digital Value Chain
Start Date: 1/1/2021
End Date: 1/1/2025
Location: Virtual

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