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Carbide, HSS, Phenolic and PCD Blank Fabricators

Carbide Fabicator - Hydro Carbide, Inc.
The Hydro Carbide plants are leading suppliers of pre-formed tungsten carbide compositions for a wide variety of markets. The operations enjoy a leadership position in tungsten carbide rod, die parts, rolls, and other products for the metalworking market. They are also major suppliers of nozzles, studs and substrates, valve parts, bearings, and other wear parts for the oil and energy industries. Additional industries served include polycrystalline diamond production, can making, and fluid handling.

Carbide Fabricator - ATI Firth Sterling
Firth Sterling, an Allegheny Technologies Company, is a vertically integrated market leader in manufacturing and marketing of rough mold, semi-finished, and finished cemented tungsten carbide components. Our products serve a wide range of industries, representing a diverse assortment of cutting, metal forming, and wear applications.

Carbide Fabricator - Ceratizit

Carbide Fabricator - Crucible Materials Corporation
Crucible Materials Corporation, provides prompt processing and delivery (including "Just-in-Time" service) of all tool steel and other specialty steel items required by virtually any type of business.

Carbide Fabricator - Innovative Carbide

Carbide Fabricator - Laurel Carbide

Carbide Fabricator - Leech Carbide

Carbide Fabricator - Mitsubishi Materials

Carbide Fabricator - Sandvik Hard Materials

Carbide Fabricator - Sumitomo Electric

Carbide Fabricator - Ultra Carbide Inc.

HSS Blanks - William T. Hutchinson Co.

PCD and PCBN Blanks - Sandvik Hard Metals

PCD Blanks - Diamond innovations
Diamond Innovations® is the world’s first manufacturer of superabrasive materials for the material removal industry. We continue to be a premier manufacturer of high-grade diamond, cubic boron nitride and polycrystalline products since this pivotal invention over a half century ago. Applications using our products include grinding, machining, wire drawing, sawing, drilling, oil and gas exploration and polishing.

Phenolic and Epoxy Rod - K-Mac Plastics
Phenolic Thermoset Plastic Laminate. Phenolics are a uniformly dense and structurally strong material that will not soften appreciably under the reapplication of heat. It is an extremely durable plastic that is lightweight and moisture resistant. Industrial laminates are thermoset resin impregnated reinforcing materials (paper, fabric, glass fabric, etc.) that are cured under heat and pressure to form solid shapes having high mechanical and electrical insulating properties. Laminates are available in sheet, rod, tube, and angle. Since laminates are comprised of a combination of materials, they are also referred to as composites.

Phenolic and Epoxy Rod - US Plastics
Phenolic and epoxy laminates are a hard dense material made by applying heat and pressure to layers of paper, fabric, or glass fiber with a phenolic or epoxy resin. GRADE XX - Copper color, paper base phenolic laminate with good mechanical properties, high dielectrical strength and good resistance to moisture. Max. temp. 266° F. GRADE CE - Brown color, canvas base phenolic laminate having high impact strength for mechanical applications. Max. temp. 257° F. GRADE LE - Brown color, fine weave cotton fabric base, phenolic laminate. Low moisture, pick-up. Can be machined to very close tolerances. Good mechanical properties combined with excellent electrical properties. Max. temp. 257° F. GRADE G-10 - Light green color, continuous woven glass fabric laminated with an epoxy resin. Extremely high in mechanical strength, low water absorption and superior electrical characteristics. Max. temp. 284° F. Sold in approximate standard 4' lengths only Some lengths may be less or more than 4' as material doesn't allow for perfect cut lengths.

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