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Compressors, Coolants, Fire Extinguishers and Mist Extractors

Air Compressors - Sullair
Rotary screw air compression provides the most mechanically efficient method of air compression today, which translates to lower operating and maintenance costs. And Sullair is a major manufacturer of rotary screw air compressors designed for both portable and stationary applications, and are known throughout the world as one of today’s preeminent designers and manufacturers of the industry’s most reliable and robust air compressor units.

Coolant - Houghton International - United Grinding preferred ***
Hocut 795-D is the United Grinding/Studer Grinders preferred coolant as of 09/01/2011, subject to confirmation at time of delivery. Since 1865, Houghton International has introduced hundreds of solutions for industry — from aqueous technology that combines the safety of water with excellent lubrication, to advanced anhydrous synthetics that lower operating costs. Today, we ARE the foremost provider of rolling fluids, lubricants, cleaners, hydraulic fluids, quenchants, coolants, forming compounds, conversion coatings, rust preventives and other industrial fluids. Our service offering, known as FLUIDCARE, is a complete chemical management program. FLUIDCARE helps optimize chemical use in your plant by ensuring that just the right amount of precisely the right fluid is used. This proven approach enables you to streamline your processes and boost productivity, dramatically reducing costs.

Coolants - Castrol Industrial

Coolants - Fuchs

Coolants - MagChem/Magnus Canada
MagChem / Magnus Canada offers a full range of non petroleum based lubricants which offer superior lubricity compared to mineral oil-based formulations.

Coolants - Master Chemical

Coolants - Mobil

Fire Protection Equipment - Kidde

Fire Protection Equipment - Levitt Safety
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Mist Extraction - Aercology

Skimmers - Zebra Skimmers Corp

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