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Industry Services

Customs Broker - ICECORP International Cargo Express Corporation

Customs Broker - Milgram Group

Diamond Nibs - Tru-Form Diamond Tool Company

Electrical - Phase Converter
Phase Technologies, LLC uses the latest advances in solid state power switching technology to produce a phase converter unlike any other. Digital control ensures that the power from Phase Perfect® is always balanced from no-load to full-load conditions. Now you can operate all types of three-phase equipment without worrying about voltage balance.

Electrical -Transformer Supplier - Rex Manufacturing

Freight Services - International - GOA Freight

ITN Logistics
ITN is an independent, Global Logistics Provider, a single source for all of your transportation and logistics requirements. We deliver fast, seamless solutions by building our business on five pillars – commitment, flexibility, trust, reliability, and passion, supported by our belief in taking your business personally. When you need a shipment delivered, around the corner or around the world, you can be confident that we will take care of every detail until it arrives safely. With 24/7 tracking of shipments, our responsive agent network, coverage of key global markets and dedicated people, you can rely on ITN to be your one source logistics company and a partner in your on-going success.

Rigging - Cambridge Rigging

Rigging - Matcom Industrial Installations Inc.

Spindle Rebuilds - SETCO Spindles

Tax Refunds Canada

Tooling Tubes - Rose Plastic

Vibration Isolation for Machinery
Since 1964, Vibro/Dynamics Corporation has been the leader and pioneer in the design and manufacture of vibration isolation and shock control systems. Our Products and Services are designed to effectively reduce transmitted shock and vibration and to provide an adjustment means to precisely level, align, and properly support industrial machinery. We also provide systems that protect machinery and building structures from incoming vibration caused by machinery, railroads, earthquakes, etc. Whether it's a heavy blanker or forging hammer disturbing the neighbors, an injection molder or die caster that likes to walk, or equipment or structure that needs protection, Vibro/Dynamics has the best solution for you!

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